Eyeglass & Jewelry Cleaner
ULTRA'S unique formula contains no acid, abrasives or ammonia.  It is formulated with a combination of special cleansing agents that will bring a brilliance to all your glass and jewelry needs.  Keeps glasses from fogging!  1000's of Uses !
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Lenses: Regular Glass, plastic, anti-glare.  Spray both sides of lenses and polish dry with a soft cloth.  About once a week rinse lenses in warm water.  

Glass: Bathroom mirrors, glass-top tables, TV's, microwaves, auto and boat windshields or any other large surface: Prepare surface by pre-cleaning the first time with warm water and soft cloth (do not use soap and water).  Then apply a small amount of ULTRA and buff dry.  No smudges and anti-fog!

Jewelry: Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Costume, Precious and semi-precious stones: Spray on and soft brush.  Rinse and 
polish dry with soft cloth.  If silver is badly tarnished, clean first with abrasive silver polish and then with ULTRA.

Stones: Opals, Pearls, turquioise and onyx: First spray ULTRA on a damp cloth and wipe stone.   Then clean with a damp cloth.  Do not brush or submerge in water or ULTRA.

List of Materials to be used on:
Eye Glasses, Mirrors, Dive Masks, Windshields, TV's, Glass Tops, Microwaves, Gold, Silver, Diamonds, 
Opals, Pearls, Turquioise, onyx and much more !

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